About Zanifare Photography

About Zanifare Photography

Zanifare photography is a blog by indie film director Ed Sillence to display his photography, image based projects and to promote the photographic services he offers.

Training as a film and theatre director, Ed got into photography rather by accident, from running low budget indie productions which couldn’t afford a stills photographer, so he bought a camera and just took to it.

“As soon as I picked up my first manual cinema camera and began directing it just felt natural and it was the same when I got my first Nikon DSLR and began taking photos of the cast and crew.”

From this beginning Ed has gone on to under take many diverse photographic projects, often working for people in the indiefilm and theatre world. A big inspiration comes from the challenge of exploring new styles and techniques, so any and all jobs are considered.

This site has launched in the summer of 2017 along with Zanifare Films (film production) and Zanifare AdMedia (commercial film and photography), at the moment Ed is a sole trader under the name Zanifare, and very soon Zanifare will become a limited company.

Zanifare has £5 million in public liability insurance and £10 million in employers insurance.