Zanifare Photography

Zanifare photography is a blog by indie film maker and photographer Ed Sillence who offers a range of creative, dynamic and high quality photography services. See for more about his work.


“What inspires me the most about photography is the challenge of getting location, position, angle and timing correct to achieve the optimal shot.”

Zanifare is a film production and media business, set up to produce my independent film making through, creating advertising media through and this site for my photography.

Becoming a photographer really happened by accident, after training as a director I embarked on my first film and through lack of funds had to take on camera duties at the very last minute, very quickly learning cinematography lead to photography as I also needed a stills photographer on set.

Finding and exploring new styles is what inspires my photography so any type of job interests me, and if it is at all possible I will take it on. Film production can also be included, ideal for events or BTS for film projects for more info please see our services and contact page.

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